We are a transport company that has been providing transport services continuously since 1994. During this time, we have gained trust and reputation among many companies, and above all a large company whose production plant is located in Bydgoszcz. At present, we base our activity on cooperation with this leading partner, matching the shape of services to market requirements. Directions of services provided are the countries of Western and Southern Europe, mainly Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. We specialize in volume and space transport. Our company is constantly investing in infrastructure, primarily in vehicles, which allows us to strengthen our position in the transport market. We constantly buy and exchange cars based on environmental protection and with attention to the comfort of drivers, paying particular attention to the security aspect. The rolling stock is operated by experienced drivers with appropriate licenses. We try to make it used in a way that is proportionally optimal to the tasks entrusted to us by forwarding and office workers.

A very professional company, always according to plan and without any surprises.


This is one of the best transport companies I have encountered. Solid employees, I'm not afraid to entrust them with my stuff. Every time you arrive in perfect condition. I recommend with all my heart.


Reliable company, transport on time, very nice service. I would recommend!


A team of reliable forwarders. The interests are dealt with 100% professionally, with an acceptable amount of slack. A very nice company.