We have 45 high-volume units sets:

- 10 sets on domestic roads;

- 38 sets on international roads,

- 20x SCANIA R410; 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03), 15-tonnes load capacity,
- 6x SCANIA G360; 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03), 15-tonnes load capacity,
- 3x SCANIA R410; (6,4x2,48x3,03)+(9,25x2,48x3,03), 21-tonnes load capacity,
- 7x DAF XF 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03), 15-tonnes load capacity,
- 2x MAN TGX; 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03), 15-tonnes load capacity.

We plan to expand our fleet by 6 Scania R410 this year.


Scania R410

SCANIA R410; (6,4x2,48x3,03)+(9,25x2,48x3,03)
21-tonnes load capacity



Scania G360

SCANIA G360; 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03)
15-tonnes load capacity




MAN TGX; 2x(7,8x2,48x3,03)
15-tonnes load capacity














In all our trucks there are a pull-out canvas on both sides. Jumbo has have got a door in the back truck and trailer. All trucks equip in GO THRU SYSTEM, so thanks to the fact drivers don't uncouple the trailer. Our trucks have got a lifing and opening roof, it is helpfully for load/offload process.

The bodywork of the vehicles is vertically reinforced and XL CODE certified.

All the international traffic vehicles are Euro 6 compliant. The vehicles are regularly covered by technical inspection performed by an approved service station. The average age of the vehicle is 1.5 years. All the vehicles are provided with GPS.

In May 2018 we will introduce in each of the vehicles a Transics system used to manage transport, fleet, drivers, cargo and orders, which will ensure even more efficient fleet management.